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The Horse Gift
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What is a Mural Mosaic?

The Mural Mosaics are the conception of Lewis Lovoie, Phil Alain, and Paul Lavoie of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They consist of a series of painted panels assembled to make one huge complete image like a huge puzzle. Blank panels are assembled in the dimensions of the final painting and then painted with a quick 'mother image'. The panels are then shipped to the artists with a swatch of color, or a line, or something related to the mother image in that particular position. The artists do not know what the final image will be when assembled, but they must adher to the lines and tones and colors on their respective panel. The image on the final painted panel is the conception of the individual artist although keeping within the theme (ie. The Horse Gift, so therefore something to do with a horse).

Before the panels are shipped, the artists see 1 page of 3 on the internet of the panels jumbled up. You cannot discertain the mother image from these panels, you just see individual panels. Of the panels we were to pick out 3 that we would want to paint. Of those 3 panels, one was sent to us. Below are the panels I picked. I was sent only one.

The 'Other' Project

First Choice, #188


My first choice was #188, then 89, then finally 195. After I made my choices and sent them in, I became disillusioned with 195. What would I do with it? Then I had a fear that would be the one I would get,lol. But then I started working with it, trying to make shapes, and came up with a dynamite drawing and am now excited to get this one to do! Time will tell, we won't know until we receive them which one we get. *sigh*

188, redone
When I chose my panels, I was looking around at the other ones and noticed that the one to the right of 188 (189) did not show the continuation of the curve as I saw it in 188. It was just cut off. I emailed Phil and he got back to me later saying I was correct, the panel as I chose it was wrong. He then sent me the corrected panel pic and said since I wanted 188 as my first choice, would the corrections be OK with me and my feelings for the panel. I said, it would indeed still work for me. So I guess I am one of the few that already know which panel I am to get. (I just hope the colors are as vibrant as they are in the first pic above.)

Actual panel received
I got my panel today, May 9, and found the colors are nothing like I had chosen. No blue hues and with a magenta corner. However, it is still totally workable, even more-so I think. I will continue to stare at it from across the room and think of how to interpret it with the best possible composition. It is bigger than I had imagined, a full 16"x16".

Initial sketch

Working in the foal

A little more refinement

Sketching is done

Fixed Mama's chest

Almost done

My panel and the total mural (all panels assembled) is now finished! It was unveiled September, 2008.
Le Cadeau du Cheval

The Mural has travelled to many places in Canada and the U.S. I was lucky enough to see it in Las Vegas. Here I am with Paul and Phil, the producers/promotors........ and then with a fellow artist, Donna.
The assembled Mural is IMMENSE!!!!