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What Happened to this Project?

I was accepted into a mural mosaic project late in 2007 and received my panels in February. Since that time, there has been an upheaval within the project causing many artists to leave. I was removed May 19, 2008 because I opted to also paint for Le Cadeau du Cheval, a project of the originators of the Mural Mosaics. I was told I had to either quit the Cadeau mural or be removed from this project. I told her I had a committment and would honor that committment to the Cadeau mural. So, I am no longer on the this project.

This particuular project failed entirely. The reasons behind it are complex, entire truths were not told, artists mislead, the owner was convicted of animal cruelty in 2009.

The panels below were supposed to have been destroyed through repainting. However I have found out since that they are still in existence. If you see these panels, please let me know as they are not to be used in any way shape or form, they were supposed to be destroyed.

Below are my visions of the panels as they came to me and unless I repaint them on another support, they will never be again as they are MY work of art and the panels as seen here do not belong to the project.

The Horse Gift

My panels were delivered to me February 20, 2008. I spent many hours just staring at them from across the room while at my computer.

What do YOU see?
To see my visions, please click on the panels below.

Panels as Delivered

Mural panel 78
Mural panel 116